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SEWELL Co-ordinator's Report - March 1999

By Tony Storey

The SEWELLs now have another co-ordinator. Tony SEWELL is interested in the SSX area with connections to HAM, IOW and possibly KEN and SRY. His role will be to put together family charts of SEWELLs in the counties involved using IGI, censuses and other sources. He will also handle enquiries about his area from members and potential new members, exchanging information and gradually building up a database of southeastern SEWELLs.

Geoff Sewell will continue to handle the substantial SEWELL presence in BDF, HRT and HUN on which he is very knowledgeable. Many of you will be aware that Geoff is the current chairman of the Bedfordshire FHS and that restricts the amount of time he is able to spend on the rest of the country.

Because SEWELL is the most numerous of the four surnames we are researching, we urgently need to appoint a network of SEWELL co-ordinators to expand our research and handle enquiries. So if your roots are in a particular part of the country and you would like to join Geoff and Tony as a co-ordinator, please get in touch with me and I will explain what the task entails.

Work is currently in hand extracting the GRO index entries for births of SEWELL and variants, 1837-1900. We have already completed the following which have been sorted by name and distributed to the co-ordinators and to each member of our team of helpers:

Births 1837-1850 (2,012 entries)
Marriages 1837-1850 (911 entries)
Deaths 1837-1850 (1,363 entries)

Many thanks to Anne Garrison, Diana Kennedy, Margaret Lintin, Brian Sewell and Mike Sewell for their work so far.

If you would like to join the SEWELL GRO team and receive copies of the indexes as they are completed as well as helping the Society, please contact me.


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