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SEWELL Co-ordinator's Report August 2013

by Diana Kennedy  



Welcome to new Sewell member Glenys Long. Generally it has been rather quiet these last few months, but I have received a few enquiries and have been able to put two enquirers in touch with other researchers.


Ernest Cleaver wrote to ask if we had any information on Isaac Edward Sewell born 1877 in Pytchley, Northampton. Isaac was Ernestís Great Uncle, the brother to his Grandfather James William Sewell, who was born in Pytchley in 1878.


Ernest went on to say ĎI have no recollection of my parents, or my Grandfather James William, talking or going anywhere that would suggest a connection with Isaac Edward. My Grandfather wrote his life story and there is no suggestion in that either. Although there is a gap in his life story of around ten years where he says he went astray and turned to drinking and smoking Ė he stopped this activity when he met and married his wife. It was not until I read of the events of Isaac Edward on your website that I became aware of him and so would like to know more. I understand that my Grandfather was a character witness for Isaac Edward at the trial.í


Isaac Edward was a shoemaker, who in July 1912 murdered his partner Mary Jane Pursglove, slashing her throat with his shoemakerís knife. Isaac pleaded not guilty at his trial despite an earlier confession. He was found guilty but insane and sent to an asylum for the rest of his life. (see Soul Search Aug 2007).


Ernest wanted to know at which asylum he would have been held and the year he died, possibly 1953, at Northampton. Also did he marry a Rosina Capel in 1930 at Leicester and if so when and how was he released from asylum to allow the marriage?


I do not know where Isaac was held and found it odd that if he was detained in an asylum for life that he would be allowed to marry. However I could find no other Isaac Edward that fitted and suggested that Ernest obtained the marriage certificate to see if it is the correct father. Isaac Edward was the second child of the seven children of Isaac Brown Sewell and Sarah Charlotte Dainty. It does seem likely that Isaac died in 1953.


Derek Gill recently came across the Sole Society, having discovered that his 4x great grandparents were a John Reed who married a Mary Sewell at Kirby le Soken, Essex in 1788. Derek thought her parents may have been Thomas Sewell and Elizabeth and she had siblings Thomas (born 1755) and Hannah (born 1758) both born Kirby le Soken.


I could not find anything in our records for Kirby le Soken other than Maryís marriage, which Derek already knew about. The only other records we have for Kirby le Soken, were a marriage for Thomas Sewell in 1783 to Ann Larrett, most likely Maryís brother.


Daniel Morgan is descended from a James Sewell, born about 1776, but was having trouble identifying Jamesís parents. James, a cotton spinner, married Elizabeth Birch in 1799 at the Collegiate Church, Manchester.


Daniel had seen my co-ordinatorís report for December 2003, where I had mentioned that member Philip Lloyd was descended from John Fielding Sewell, son of John and Margaret and a grandson of James and Elizabeth. It seems that John Fielding had three wives and emigrated to Australia in the late 1880s with his third wife and two daughters born there in 1889 and 1894. I am sure Daniel and Philip will have a lot to exchange.


To complicate matters, Daniel also had found another James Sewell who was a banker in Manchester at about the same period as his James the cotton spinner. Daniel found James the banker and his nephew in the book ĎManchester Banks and Bankersí. I havenít looked yet but Daniel says it contains a surprising amount of genealogical detail for a book about banking.


I was able to put another enquirer in touch with Australian member Raelene Yeates. From Canada, Linda wrote to say she was researching Captain Robert Sewell of Henny, Essex. Captain Robert, the son of Robert or John, came to Ireland before 1700s with Major-General Tidcombe's Regiment. Raelene was thrilled to be able to help and share information.


Ray Hickman was wondering if I could help with her husbandís ancestor, Joseph Hickman who married Ann Sewell in Stamford Baron, 1741. Joseph and Ann had three children, two were born in Stamford (William 1742, John 1743) In 1745/6 their youngest child Benjamin was baptised in Lincoln in St Peter at Gowts church.


William Hickman, born in 1742, lived with Daniel Sewell, (Annís brother) in Barrowden and was named in Danielís will when he died in 1774. Both William and Benjamin Hickman died in Barrowden. Ray has reason to believe that Ann died in Garlic Hythe, London following the birth of Benjamin. Benjamin had links with the Grimsthorpe estate at Witham on the Hill. Ray believes that Annís father was Thomas but is not sure where Thomas originates from, as he seems to turn up in Nottingham married to Mary Hartshorne.


I have not come across Joseph Hickman in our records and could not find anything for Stamford Baron. According to the IGI Thomas Sewell married Mary Hartshorn 14th April 1707 in Langham, Rutland. Two of their children were Daniel and Ann. Daniel was baptised 1722 in Uppingham, and Ann was baptised 1712. I had thought that this Ann married John Bosden in 1738 in Uppingham rather than Joseph Hickman, but it might help Ray.


Thelma Cannon was a member of the Sole Society for a number of years until her death three years ago. Now her son Clive Cannon has decided to continue his motherís research. Clive is descended from William Ambrose Sewell the son of John born 1805 in Southwark, Surrey and nephew of William Ambrose born 1804 in Surrey. William Ambrose junior married Ann Preston Blythe. I wonder if there is a connection with another family with similar names residing in Aldersgate, London. The children of Ambrose and Mary Sewell were baptised from about 1799 to 1810 at Aldersgate but I cannot find a link. Ambrose is rather an unusual name and there might be a sideways connection. Perhaps Clive will find a link. Clive is particularly interested in military history and in particular the RAF and has sent me the Sewell names he has found.


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