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SEWELL Co-ordinator's Report - November 1999

By Tony Storey

SEWELL enquiries and many valuable pieces of information continue to flood in, most as a result of interest in our excellent web site. The amount SEWELL research material has expanded considerably in the last year or so thanks to the efforts of our dedicated team of helpers. Our greater ability to respond in a positive way to these enquiries has resulted in a steady increase in members and a growing reputation as the fount of all knowledge.

However, there will always be cases where the information is just too scanty for us to help. In these instances I can only pass on the enquiry to you the members in the hope you might recognise someone from your own tree.

The current crop of mysteries includes the following: -

Chris Bartlett from New Zealand is looking for Elizabeth Sewell. All he knows so far is that she married Thomas Lemon in Chatteris, CAM on 11 July 1784 and died in Chatteris on 1 April 1841 aged 84.

Helen Sewell is looking for ancestors of her father-in-law, Ronald William Charles Sewell. He had sisters Ellen and Paddy and their parents had a pub in Hampstead.

Cleveland Sewell is of Afro-Caribbean descent and wonders if we have any members whose ancestors might have owned a plantation or two.

Welcome to Kevin Sewell whose great grandfather’s photograph hangs to this day in a pub in Caxton, CAM.

Andy Wheatley believes there is a family connection with the actor George Sewell. He has also told us about the family of James Sewell horn 1888, who were green grocers and florists in the West Ham and Plaistow area of London.

Finally, our thanks to Geoff Sewell who is stepping down after seven years as the Sewell Co-Ordinator. In his place there will be a network of researchers each with their own area of the country to cover, charting SEWELL families and putting them on computer for posterity. Full details of who is dealing with which counties will appear in the next journal and its not too late to volunteer your services. I repeat It’s not too late to volunteer. If you would like to get a little deeper into family’ history, participate in a thoroughly absorbing hobby and help the Sole Society on the way, then this is your opportunity. Contact me by post, phone or email and I will tell you more.

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