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SEWELL Co-ordinator's Report - December 2000

By Diana Kennedy

We welcome two new members to the Society. The first is Chris Caton who is researching his mother's family of Sewell. Chris's grandfather Harold Charles Sewell was born in 1904 at Lowestoft, Suffolk, the son of Edward Arthur and Edith Rebecca nee Beare.

Our second new member is Maureen Boocock who found her family in the 1851 census; Elizabeth Sewell born 1818 at Wortham (Suffolk) and her four sons, James, George, Walter and Robert, living in the workhouse at Pulham, Norfolk. George and Walter later appeared in Middlesbrough using the name Catchpole Sewell. They later dropped the name Sewell.

Other news from Suffolk and Norfolk has come from Molly Perkins who sent her family tree, which begins with the marriage of Daniel Sewell and Elizabeth Jubey in 1709 at Norwich. Molly has over 80 names in this tree and using this information I was able to fill in a few gaps and making more connections in our records. I gave Molly the marriage of Daniel's parents, Daniel and Elizabeth Bowler in 1664 at Hedenham, Norfolk. I think another descendant of this family is Joe Bates in America, who was looking for Harriet Sewell. Harriet I believe is the Great Great Granddaughter of Daniel and Elizabeth. I have now put Joe and Molly in touch with each other, and wait to hear from them.

I have also had a few other pieces of information from non-members that have added to our records. Every little bit helps. If you haven't sent in your family tree yet, we would be happy to put it in our records and check for any connections for you.

Although Tony Sewell has been quiet on the queries front he has been busy charting Sussex Sewells and a table of charts is available on the Sole Society web site. Tony is now starting on the Kent charts.

Eric Sewell has completed the charting of Northumberland and Durham as well as adding Sewell data from the 1851 census. He has also collected Sewell data from the 1851 census for Cumberland and Westmorland. Eric has had a couple of queries. One was from Jeff Palmer where he was unable to provide much help, and the other was from Donna Clark who he has been able to help.

Brian Sewell has also been busy charting 500+ events from the Essex IGI onto Generations. Since extracting Sewells from Kellys 1882 Essex Directory, he has now completed a similar task of 1845 PO Directory for the Home Counties. Please let Brian know if you would like a copy. Brian has also been looking at 'strays'. Bob Sheldon provided him with useful information with regard to some Gt Stambridge, Essex Sewells who had strayed to the Isle of Sheppey.

Brian has continued to be in touch with member Adrian Corder-Birch, Essex FHS member Glennis Sewell in Western Australia and more recently with George Courtauld of Courtauld textile family. They all appeared to be connected to a large NE Essex family, from John Sewell (1711-1790) and Mary Barron (1731-1783) who married 1753 in Markshall, Essex. Adrian is connected to the Barrons. The result is a 74 person tree in Essex and a 207 person tree in Western Australia. Work is still continuing!

In the last journal we requested help in finding Parnell Sewell for Richard Smith. Richard believes he has found her and through his searches Richard has sent in a new chart as a result of working his way through several PCC wills.

Ken Hermon of Clacton contacted Brian regarding the descendants of his ancestor Charles Sewell (1805-1877). In particular Decimus George Sewell of Halstead (b 1862) whose gravestone showed he was buried there in 1902, but he couldn't be found in the 1881 census, nor his family members. Although Brian was able to give Ken several index references for the family including Decimus, he also couldn't find him on the 1881 census. Ken has finally found his family under the name of LEWELL.

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